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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Your KinG! Presents To His Court, The Wasted: Part II (Mixtape Release)

In the wake of the recent success of artists like Anderson. Paak & The Free Nationals, it’s apparent that Hip-Hop’s ear towards that soulful, jazz fueled musicianship is still piping hot. Hailing from Southern California, multi-dimensional artist KinG! is looking to join these ranks, compiling a list of talents that include singer, songwriter, and some

Artist Noir “Moon” (Video)

What is life after death? Whether it be a scientific, religious, or philosophical understanding, death is a subject that has influenced stories, film, music, and art for centuries. For former Detroit based MC Artist Noir, life and death are just two juxtaposing elements that are blended into the melting pot of his latest video, “Moon.”