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King Lil G “AK47″ (Video)

Leader of The Sucios, King Lil G, hits us with the clean visuals to his single, “AK47.” King Lil G stays blazing figuratively and literally in this one with scenes of the AK47 Mob taking over the streets, toking blunts, and partying down with some voluptuous vixens and shots of El Capitán paving the way.

King Lil G Feat. David Ortiz “Hopeless Boy”

Dedicated to the family that raised him, crisp visual portrayals of a youthful King Lil G way before he wore the crown captures the trials and tribulations of a boy raised by the streets of Inglewood. Will I ever see my mother smile? “Hopeless Boy” boasts soft, mellow production from NutKase and a smooth hook