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Riian Raquel & Blue November Kick Back To Lounge In Lassitude (audio)

After some diligent research, there still seems to be little available information about upcoming singer/songwriter Riian Raquel, but no matter. Who doesn’t love a little bit of mystery behind the music? For Raquel’s latest jam session, “Lassitude,” the lacy voiced artist spirals down into the rabbit hole of a soulfully inclined lo-fi instrumental from producer

Blue November Squeezes Out The Nectar From His Soul & It’s All “Juicy” (Audio)

Inspired by “someone” special, Blue November’s typically guttural, tar drenched vocals are warmed and tenderized for the Florida MC’s most recently released solo work, “Juicy.” Set to a sweet and savory, funk-fueled, lo-fi instrumental from producers NATIVEFEEL and METVLMOUTH, Blue November waxes poetic, squeezing out the nectar of his soul to the only one who

Blue November “Twilight” (Audio)

Since crawling out of the distorted, foggy Eu-IV produced single, “Haze,” just a few months ago, Blue November is locked and loaded once again with his latest single, “Twilight.” Lit by the dimly diffused glow of Lentra’s clouded intrumental mix, the Floridian artist welcomes all into his murky universe with a cold, gruff flow and