The Land Ground Under began as an idea to create a place for the interested to discover and share art. Our logo is a shadow of Uluru. As told by Anangu legend, the rock of Uluru rose from the darkness as a result of a battle between two tribes of ancestral beings who molded the Earth. This story has been written on the body of Uluru to be shared through the generations. Here is our own.

The Land Ground Under is our Uluru. What is presented here are the stories of countless others represented through art, written on our walls to be shared with you today and the people of the future.

The “Land” represents common ground. This is a broader community where individuals gather to present their creations. Of those who visit, there are those who share, those who discuss, those who experience, and all of the in-betweens.

The “Ground Under” represents the place for artists and fans alike who have yet to travel up from the depths to see or be seen, to hear or be heard. Our goal is to bring these individuals into the limelight of the greater music community and add their story to our walls.

Collectively, the Land Ground Under has risen to form a connection between the underground and the mainstream. If you are visiting, welcome. With anything you find here, please feel free to share, discuss, experience, or a blend of it all.

LGU specializes in hip-hop and is based out of Chico, CA. LGU promotes media from Northern California, the West Coast, and beyond. This is just the beginning…