Trizz Aims To Kill Us All Slumping Through The SoCal Streets (Audio)


Just four months removed from the release of his Leatherface 2 project and a few days past his 25th birthday, Trizz remains steady on his grind, laying low in the booth and producing new records to add to his ever-expanding library. That work ethic continues to pay dividends for the SoCal MC and his latest cut is yet another residual, taking focus with a sharp shooters aim to “Kill Us” all.

Buried underneath an ominously dark, lurking instrumental from frequent collaborative producer AC3BEATS, Trizz crawls out of the production’s shadowed corners, spitting slow and deliberate to let the listeners know that he and the rest of the Break Bread Posse are here to take over the airwaves. But Trizz understands that in order to rule the roost, they’re make some people mad along the way. So with one eye open, Trizz makes his move.

What’s yours?

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