OG Maco & Rikki Blu Simply Wanna Know, R U Wit It? (Audio)

maco blu

U guessed it, Atlanta’s own OG Maco is back with another slap for your ears as he anticipates his forthcoming Desperado World Tour with Young Greatness and Levi Carter beginning January 17.


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“R U” is a snapping Trap anthem lit in the darkness of a bellowing bass by the synthesized siren-like instrumentation of producer Phresh Produce, as OG Maco takes a puff and airs out the question, “R U Wit It?” like the smoke swirling swiftly through the air. But Maco’s croons are not alone in Phresh’s ominous atmosphere, as he and the beat are met by the snapping jaws of Rikki Blu, who zones out on the mic with an ice cold, crown crushing verse to run the cut down.

Take a listen below and be sure to catch OG Maco on tour and watch out for the 2015 XXL Frehman’s forthcoming album, Children of the Rage, release date TBA.

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