Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Your KinG! Presents To His Court, The Wasted: Part II (Mixtape Release)

the king!

In the wake of the recent success of artists like Anderson. Paak & The Free Nationals, it’s apparent that Hip-Hop’s ear towards that soulful, jazz fueled musicianship is still piping hot. Hailing from Southern California, multi-dimensional artist KinG! is looking to join these ranks, compiling a list of talents that include singer, songwriter, and some serious skills on the guitar, upright bass, drums, and piano. To showcase his efforts, KinG! unsheathes his latest work, The Wasted: Part II (The Turquoise Tape).

Although KinG! was born in Southern California, his family was deeply rooted in the Motor City where his father and uncle played in a band together before relocating to the Golden State to start a production company. This move only blossomed KinG!’s affinity for the music scene as he bobbed back and forth between Detroit and L.A., watching his father produce records for Earth Wind & Fire’s Al McKay, Verdine White, The Temptations, and The Emotions. These early influences can be found sprinkled all over The Wasted: Part II, mixed in with modern twists as heard on cuts like “Brr! (I’ll Call You),” in which KinG! synthesizes pieces of Erykah Badu’s “I’ll Call You Back” and Drake’s “Hotline Bling” into a funky, hi-hat heavy ensemble accented by KinG’s impassioned chorus and quick spit lyricism.

And that’s just the introduction.

As KinG! pushes onward, you’ll quickly discover that the term “one-dimensional” is not in his vocabulary. KinG! displays versatility on the mic with frequency, as tracks like “COLTS (¥itch II)” accent his slick vocal abilities with bluesy, folk instrumentation, while the rounding single, “Change In Day,” takes listeners to church with uplifting choral songwriting and soft, chapel piano chords. And KinG!, who has only been pressing those velvet vocals to wax for a couple of years now, can spit too.

In addition to his quite exceptional vocality, KinG! has a keen ability to bend, fold, mix, and mash other genres together as if he’s building his own audible ecosystem, with each piece playing a particular role to keep everyone’s ear alive. Each track flows softly into the next, like a creek spilling into a river, a river teeming with a species smorgasbord of musicality. With a project that feels both polished and raw in the best ways possible, KinG! immediately becomes an artist to keep your eyes on into 2017 and beyond, and maybe, we’ll all be hailing to the KinG! in due time.

Take a listen below.

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