Allan Rayman Crafts A Record You Want Stuck On Repeat (Audio)


Amongst great music cities like Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and L.A., Toronto is yet another hot bed of deftly skilled musicians, but not every artist who comes out of these cities necessarily started there. Within this long list of talented individuals, Allan Rayman emerges, an R&B/Soul singer and songwriter who began his life and musical career in Lost Springs, Wyoming. But finding more information about the rising star is nearly impossible and practically veiled in secrecy. Rayman does not conduct interviews, so finding anything about him is like finding someone who lives in his Lost Springs hometown, of which only four people reside.

While fans and journalists alike try to make sense of the man and his past, it may be best for us to focus on what we do have, his music. In anticipation of his forthcoming album, Roadhouse 01, Rayman blows through the tumbleweeds of his current relationship with a dim, rolling instrumental from producer Moose and seductively soothing vocals from equally consummate singer, Jessie Reyez.

Take a listen and be sure to grab Allan Rayman’s Roadhouse 01, February 24.

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