Vices & Virtues Abound As Adam Reverie Rips Open Soul Ties (EP Release)

adam reverie

Adam Reverie is a man of virtues, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t slipped into the cavern of vices along the way. Reverie also has strong beliefs in God and his plan for him and his career, but Adam wasn’t always a true believer in his future as an artist either. Some time ago, Adam Reverie almost hung up the microphone for good as noted on his retirement ceremony single, “The Unbosoming,” but eventually the call to music came back to drape itself peacefully over his shoulders once again.

With restored faith in his pocket and a newfound rejuvenation for the game, Adam Reverie’s recent exploits in Hip-Hop have catapulted his name into the mouths of the likes of Sway Calloway and eventually, the #SignRevToDreamville campaign that followed fell into the laps of the fellas over at, transforming a hashtag into a full blown exposé on the Detroit MC and his desire to sign the dotted line next to J. Cole on Dreamville.

Through all of these ups and downs, both in his personal life and his career, Adam Reverie is ready to put his heart on the line once again. Rev’s latest work, Soul Ties, exposes his worst failures, his biggest successes, and his most vulnerable moments on wax. Tying in his issues with lust, love, family, and faith, Reverie rips open the left side of his chest and cracks it wide open, revealing all that is Adam with intimate passionate and delicate care.

Take a listen below to Soul Ties, with 6 tracks boasting production from Shocker G, Ace Boogie, Rokk Mass Ent., Niles Mack, and Orlando Wade.

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