SMC & Trizz Drown Bars Like Jason Voorhees At Camp Crystal Lake (Audio)


As the horror legend has it, slasher film extraordinaire Jason Voorhees unexpectedly passed away after counselors at Camp Crystal Lake neglected to save the young boy from drowning. As a result, the lake is forever cursed by a hockey masked, mass murderer whom many believe is a reincarnation of the dead child simply referred to as, Jason.

Now, it may not be Friday the 13th and Jason is probably floating in the murky depths of the ice cold Crystal Lake waters, but it seems as if he recruited a few monsters of the microphone to take his place until his return.

Chuuwee reunites with producer Shae Money and his breezy, floating Boom Bap instrumental as SMC, a duo who worked together exclusively on The Great GatZby project. As the body count stacks up, Chez and frequent Inland Empire collaborator Trizz test Shae’s bloody waters with criminal bars fit for a shady prison cell.

But we all know these killers can’t be caught.

Take a listen.

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