Overdose & Fade Away With Artist Noir’s Latest Floating Jam (Audio)

artist noir

Likely caved away curating his way to a new project since the release of his debut, Kind of Black, Artist Noir is back in the saddle once again with an all new cut, “Overdose.”

Noir has paved his own path in terms of musicianship in a variety of ways since he graced the pages of Land Ground Under some three years ago. From initial releases like the thematic, drug induced exploits of “Devil’s Playground,” to the late, now defunct videos for “Alan Tremmel Freestyle” and the Philip Seymour Hoffman explicit, “Narcotics And Nostalgia,” Artist Noir has expanded his vision to new heights as of late. With music-films like “Moon”, Noir continues to push his own boundaries and build new, extravagent spaces for his music to grow within. As a whole, Noir’s musings are often calculated and deliberate takes on society at large and his position as a function of it’s processes, but this perspective regularly comes with a microscope magnifying our, and possibly his, obsession with pop culture and drug use.

Artist Noir’s latest release, “Overdose,” continues to play with these familiar concepts as accented by an unforgettable hook that floats over a hazily clouded instrumental, becoming as sonic a high as can be set to wax. Lyrically, Noir addresses his own struggles with addiction and his escape from the rabbit hole as an ode to his past life and a lost friend that, although more subtle in delivery, is reminiscent in pieces of Vic Mensa’s intimately therapeutic, closet cleaning cut, “There’s A Lot Going On.” Despite the track’s underlying message, this track, ironically, is as ready for the lounge of a club as any, but you definitely don’t have to overdose to enjoy every second.

Take a listen below.

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