Kung Foo Grip Hits The Delorean To 88 MPH & Travels Back Two Times To The 80’s (Audio)


Honor Roll’s finest Kung Foo Grip link up with Cabin Games in-house producer Kjell Nelson to travel back in time to the synth heavy, digital Dance-Pop aesthetics of the 80’s with the dual track release, “CRU RUN” and “BOOMERANG.”

Taking a nostalgic twist on Notorious B.I.G.’s classic “Hypnotize” line, “Your crew run run run, your crew run run,” Greg Cypher and Eff Is H kick off a jumpin’ warehouse party fit for a scene from Miami Vice that runs deep into the night, but the funk fueled 80’s vibes don’t end there. In fact, the mackin’ mix boomerangs right back into their laps, along with a host of ladies who can’t seem to stop acting brand new.

Take a listen.


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