james myquale

Jhon Myquale’s catalog is relatively quiet when you look at it in terms of sheer numbers, but pressing play on his limited releases showcase his work to strictly be measured qualitatively, not quantitatively.

Myquale also proves dextrous between each, dropping a multitude of styles from the beaming trumpets and the wavy Electronic wake of “Sun,” to the three pronged vocal serpentry of “Untitled (Summetime 04).” Now, Myquale extends his audio library once again, this time with a sharp video for his single, “JUNGLE.”

In the Vincent Romero and Zack Matias directorial film, Jhon Myquale enlists Matt James on the hook as the two stroll through Highland, Indiana’s historical Blue Top Drive-In. A short drive away from Myquale’s current Windy City residency, the artists get a taste of the rural Midwest as Myquale gruffly glides his tale of a woman who sleeps alone in the concrete jungle across a bleakly glimmering instrumental.

Take a look.

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