Iris Temple Hits The Lab To Bond Sonic Fusion With Duality (EP Release)


If you’ve heard Iris Temple’s latest EP, Duality, then you’ll find that pigeonholing the artistic duo to one genre or sub-genre to be nearly impossible, and quite frankly, rude. So instead, let’s take a walk on the wild side and see what we discover within.

Duality’s canopy opens softly with sounds of the wilderness, only to fall down like rain drops onto the forest floor of their introductory track, “Ferns.” Immediately, the duo’s sonic waves remind me of multiple artists all at once, but again, to compare them may be just as impolite as trying to shove their panoramic arrangements into the proverbial music box. But damn, it’s a fantastic fusion of sounds to get things started.

While their opening single sounds as lush as the Amazon is visually, there is a slow burning fire to light the stage that the remaining “Ferns” left behind. And when there’s fire, there’s “Smoke.” Hand in hand, Iris Temple dive deeper into their musical jungle with enveloping Electronic instrumentation, airy guitar riffs, and delicate, plush vocals to swirl the remaining vapor skyward.

If “Ferns” and “Smoke” are the calm, the EP’s mid range track “Overgrown” is the storm. Temple turns up the tempo with a synth heavy back drop and bouncing, pace pushing Electronic soundscapes to dance alongside the duo’s low gravity, out of body vocal dexterity, and it’s at this point that you begin to realize that this tropical expedition is, unfortunately, near the end.

But, have no fear.

As “Overgrown” winds down, it sprawls over into the short, but sweet musings of “Philosopher,” a bluesy, keyboard driven R&B instrumental that has these sagely Midwesterners looking to learn a little bit more about the world around them. And then there’s Duality’s finale, “Eden.” Finally arriving at their destination, Iris Temple continues to expand their experimental Electro-Soul tendencies, shining brightly over the grounds of their well-rounded, mystical musical utopia like a couple of zen garden masters.

Take a listen below.

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