Chuuwee & Shae Money Fotoshop Themselves Together As S.M.C. (Audio)


Even after a few years since their initial introduction, Chuuwee and Shae Money’s complimentary relationship as MC and producer continues to flourish. Together once again, the Hip-Hop duo’s reunion comes with a new name, S.M.C.

Underneath the umbrella of their newly formed moniker, S.M.C.’s latest collaboration, “Fotoshop,” has Chuuwee clutching his trust for others close to his chest. Leaving all of the fake and phony behind him, Chez takes the game by the horns over Shae Money’s ambient instrumentals, slapping hi-hats, and a juxtaposed, bellowing bassline to make his point explicitly clear.

Take a listen, and who knows, we may get an album from S.M.C. soon to boot.

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