Chris Crack Stands On Chairs To Smell The Pine Cones (Video)


Chris Crack is a marathon sprinter on the mic, running laps around the competition with his blinders on and an extensive catalog that seems to grow exponentially at each turn. In the last year alone, the New Deal Crew honcho has released four projects, Public Domain 4, Jacked Tape Too: Jimi Hendrix of Rap, Last of the Lean, and most recently, Troll Til They Fold, and that’s not even including the loosies that have been intermittently spaced in between. Each project is immersed in it’s own aesthetic, like Last of the Lean’s ode to Houston’s chopped and screwed scene, and exudes Crack’s wisecracking complexity and lyrical finesse on the mic. And with at least thirteen tracks apiece, there is no shortage of bar handling to be had.

Crack’s latest album, Troll Til They Fold, is chocked full of some mild sauce soul and chilled out Boom Bap instrumentals and now, Crack liberates visuals for the project’s single, “Pine Cones.” Directed by Born Ready Films, Chris Crack hits the block of the burbs to put his rapping doctorate on full display. Jooging on the avenue with a handful of balloons and a smorgasbord of bubbles floating the air, Crack proves why he’s one of Chicago’s best with sincerity and jest.

Take a look.

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