Blue November Meticulously Mashes Microphones On Impulse (Audio)

blue november

Tending towards a darker, lo-fi aesthetic, Blue November may at times be described musically as the antithesis to the quintessentially picturesque, sunlit settings of Florida that he was raised in. However, Blue’s work is, without a doubt, a stark, visionary representation of the world as he’s seen it with his own two eyes. But this twilight isn’t without a few cracks in the clouds, as noted on tracks like “Baby Baby” and “Keef” from his recently released project, Dystopia’s Offspring.

Now, just two weeks removed from the drop of his album, Blue November is back with an all new single, “Impulse.” Contour, who also produced “Run Off” and “The Wind” on Blue’s Dystopia’s Offspring, stacks a deep, ominous Electronic instrumental with sinking loops from a Chinese harp as Blue November’s bellowing, guttural vocals set the rules and meticulously suck the passion straight out of him and the booth altogether.

Take a listen.

UPDATE: “Impulse” is about 5 months old now. Excuse the misprint.

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