Amare Symoné Shakes Looƨe Female Stereotypes One Track At A Time (Audio)


Even at eighteen years young, Amare Symoné understands the influence of music and the impact the message of one’s musings has on it’s listeners. In an interview with LGU roughly six months ago, Amare eloquently expressed her cognizance on the power of prose.

“I feel we all can learn so much from the lessons, observations, and experiences that we call our own, as well as from others. This is why I write poetic songs, because you are also telling stories to an audience, and it just might be relatable to someone else in the world. As artists, we create our art for ourselves yet sometimes forget, it can save somebody’s life one day.”

However, this realization didn’t come entirely on her own. With the guidance of her parents, their musical influences, and as a witness to their activism in their community, Symoné captured the importance of influencing humanity through positivity and empowerment. As a woman growing up in the millennial age, Symoné is aware of her, and others, role as a woman in an often conflicting, inconsistent society, and her latest single attempts to address this topic head on.

In an attempt to shake “Looƨe” the shackles of stereotypes often imposed on women by a male dominated society, Symoné pens a liberating anthem with the goal of entrusting women with the strength to, “be who they want, live how they want, dress how they want, to always believe in themselves, and that being themselves is never “asking for it”. Women deserve to live in a world without fear of being harmed or taken advantage of by men.”

Instrumentally, frequent collaborator and producer NversivE encapsulates a bouncing, energetic Electronic instrumental that frees Symoné’s female focused emancipation from convention and the institutional judgements passed down by the typical patterns of patriarchy.

Take a listen and watch out for Amare Symoné’s forthcoming EP, Glass Windows, later this fall.

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