Adam Reverie Asks, Do You Really Wanna Be Black In America? (Audio)


From singles like “Black Boy Out In Poverty” and “Black Literature,” Adam Reverie’s library of work has, more often than not, been crafted with the Black community in mind. As riots in Charlotte dissipate and protests in Tulsa march on in the wake of the most recent murders of Keith Lamont Scott and Terence Crutcher at the hands of the police, Adam Reverie drops a record (one that he has actually held onto for nearly two years) for the #BlackLivesMatter movement with a call to the ironies of Hip-Hop in White America and the injustices placed upon the shoulders of Black America.

Texas raised producer JXHNSCXTT chops up an atmospheric, soulfully driven instrumental as Adam Reverie hits the podium to ask the nation if Americans truly “Wanna Be A Nigga.” As the White community continues to be the biggest consumers of Hip-Hop while gradually adopting the word “nigga” as a result, Reverie uses the current social climate of Black America to point out the glaring issues with someone who only wants to be a “nigga” when it’s cool or convenient. But for Reverie, the reality is that Black Americans have struggled since they were forcefully brought into a country that never cared about their well being in the first place. Venting his frustrations to wax, Adam Reverie calls out those who appropriate a culture they pretend to care about, only to turn their backs against it when discrimination, racism, and injustice against the Black community is shoved in their face, and in real time.

Take a listen below and download Adam Reverie’s recent EP, Soul Ties.

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