DUCKWRTH Cruises His “Lowridr” Deeper Into The Fashion Industry (Audio)


Why take the bus when you can ride your bike?

With his latest single, Los Angeles based artist DUCKWRTH explains the benefits of hopping on your “Lowridr” to cruise around town towards your next destination in favor of public transit. DUCKWRTH, who is currently jazzing stages on Anderson .Paak’s Malibu Tour, spits exquisite about his bicycle swerving favoritism with deft lyricism and dreamy vocals over a breezy, amiable, horn hazed instrumental from producer Ru ARE YOU.

DUCKWRTH, who has previously worked on projects with brands like Levis, Facebook, RarePanther and Monkey Time, conjoins this single release with an all new line of apparel with Nylon Mgazine that describes his self-coined “I’m Uugly” ideology and it’s inspirational impact on his latest collection.

“I highlight the term “UUGLY” as a sense of euphoria when you listen to music. Say, for instance, you put on a song. When the drop comes in, and the bass hits hard and the synths vibrate right and keys play in the creamiest progression, your face starts to frown up. Not because you’re angry, but because you’re happy and stimulated. For me, that’s the true essence of UUGLY — it’s Funk.”

Additionally, DUCKWRTH uses his UUGLY pallette to describe that his latest fashion line is about “discovering elements that you wouldn’t find appealing in commercial fashion and making them work. My primary color for this collection is brown. Fashion sometimes frowns on brown (how ironic) and deems it ugly. So my job is to make brown look attractive and appealing through a well designed arrangement of color palettes and fonts and placing women of colour in these appealing colorways. UUGLY is about reminding the outcasted of their awesomeness. And with some of the current tensions, the people need reminders of their beauty.”

Watch out for this track and more on DUCKWRTH’s forthcoming I’M UUGLY EP and find his new merchandise and look book for the collection on his website.

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