Alumni MC Rikki Blu Raises His Glass For A Toast At His Class Reunion (Audio)

rikki blu

After nearly a month without a release since his EP, Polarity +/-, Rikki Blu has dropped three brand new tracks in the last week, beginning with the soulful, late night musings of “Glory” and the passionately spit, Free P produced Electronic atmospherics of “ARTCHURCH.”

The third track from Rikki Blu’s busy week has the Los Angeles resident applying the concept of a “Class Reunion” and raising his proverbial glass as a toast to the question, “WHEN IT’S ALL SAID AND DONE 10 YEARS FROM NOW, WAS IT WORTH IT?” With this thought in mind, Blu ponders his past and moves on from previous stresses to tackle his plans for a prosperous future as an alumni MC in the game. To round out the introspective track, producers THANKGOD4CODY and TheAntydote lather up a sonically sanguine instrumental to cozily compliment Rikki’s personal examination of his life trajectory.

Take a listen.

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