ScHoolboy Q “Black THougHts (Pt. 3)” (Video)

schoolboy q

ScHoolboy Q is on trial for his crimes, but before his official conviction, Q ponders whether or not to take a plea deal and gets lost up in his mind’s eye in visuals for his Willie B crafted single, “Black THougHts.”

This is the third installment of his film/music video series for his recently released Blank Face LP and follows videos for the Cardo and Yex produced “By Any Means (Pt. 1)” and “Tookie Knows II (Pt.2),” featuring fellow rhyme slayers Traffic and TF.

ScHoolboy’s bars and the visuals themselves express two parts of the Top Dawg MC’s life. The first verse glorifies his days sipping Hen, smoking gas, and living the gangster life before he rolls this vision with another. This jointed message then reveals Q’s personal growth as a man and his desire for those (Bloods & Crips specifically) who dabble in gang life to put down the weapons in favor of acceptance, family, and care of one another, juxtaposing the inclusive yin to the destructive yang of ScHoolboy’s “Black THougHts.” If Q’s house is representative of his mind and the prison fences wrapped around it are keeping him in, the way to initiate such change is also by recognizing and escaping the mental trap that has been built within the mind and glorifies the gang lifestyle. As the track winds down, Q walks safely away from the house altogether with his daughter in hand. But, after a simple kiss from his little girl, Q transforms back into a prisoner, walking away from her towards a bus that will take him back to reality in LA County Jail.

Let’s put the rags down and raise our kids
Let’s put the guns down and blaze a spliff
Let’s do it now, ain’t no buts or ifs
It took a Blood to get me Pringle chips
You can learn to fly or take the ladder
Real nigga shit, all lives matter, both sides

Take a look.

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