Russ “Pull The Trigger” (Video)


In life, Russ has always been a traveling man. Now that his music has catapulted his career, Russ has been traveling even more to make his rounds in the community. Born in New Jersey, Russ lived in North Carolina to Kentucky and back again. Since, Russ has been living in Atlanta for over a decade, his first truly permanent home since his birth.

As a result of all of his travels, Russ has fortified a sound all of his own with a diverse spectrum of influences and styles so as not to peg the man in any one pigeonhole. Over the past couple of years, Russ has been dropping single after single to solidify his range in musicianship, allowing each track to breathe on their own without ever collecting his musings onto an EP, mixtape, or album. Undoubtedly, there is a method to his madness.

Even after nearly one year since releasing his track, “Pull The Trigger,” Russ has finally decided that visual representation is in need. Directed by Edgar Esteves, the video escorts Russ as he details his desire to take care of his family in any way that he can, especially after a life of consistent uncertainty while never truly having a permanent place to call home. Layered over a bass heavy, piano plunged instrumental from Russ himself, Esteves’ dark, yet lustful visuals follow Russ in between the sheets with a beautiful maiden before the two try to make a deal with some crooked criminals in a shadowed cargo lot.

Take a look.

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