jazz cartier

It’s been five months since Jazz Cartier dropped his Hotel Paranoia mixtape, and since, we’ve only heard a spot feature from the Toronto artist on YE Ali’s sultry R&B single, “Ring,” in preparation for YE’s 4Play EP.

Today, Jazz opens his latest single with an audio clip of Lil Wayne expressing his early love for rapping, paying homage to Cash Money king Weezy F. Baby with the aptly titled, “Lil Wayne.” Looped with synthesized keyboard notes and a Bay Area inspired bassline from producer Lantz, Cartier rocks the Wayne co-popularized “Bling Bling” around his neck, spitting that trash talk that would undoubtedly make Mr. Carter proud.

There is a hash tag attached to the song on his Soundcloud, Jacuzzi World, and the voice of a woman saying “Jacuzzi” softly at the end, which may or may not be the title to his next project. But until official confirmation, enjoy this banger all the way through your Fourth of July weekend.

Take a listen.

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