City James “Bass In My Trunk” (Audio)

city james

City James is an activist. City James is a poet. City James is an MC. And at 23 years old, City James has a lot of tread left on his tires to run like a well-oiled machine through the strength of the Inland Empire’s wide ranging talent base. However, there will undoubtedly be a lot of tread scorched off of your tires and pummeled into the pavement the next time you bump the HOF Recording artist’s latest jawn, “Bass In My Trunk,” as you’re splitting the sidewalks.

Haunting, Southern soaked, and as Bass heavy as producer FATIR could strategically fit within the track’s three plus minutes, City James spits about his impending come up in the game and his tireless dedication to achieve his goal of reaching the hearts and ears of the masses with his musings.

And City James won’t stop until he gets there, even during his most taxing moments.

“Pushing forward everyday to reach your goals. The day I’m putting this out is one of the most trying days that I’ve reached in 2016 but me striving to not be defeated is what allows me to put this track up. Hope you fuck with it.” - City James

Take a listen.

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