Calez “Problematic” (Audio)


It seems that with each passing day that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find space in time between one Black person being maimed, attacked, or murdered by the hands of the police and another one. With Hip-Hop’s stance on the matter and other issues like it being well documented over the past few years, there is one more artist to add to the increasingly long list.

In a city with it’s own, often dark history towards people of color, Chicago MC Calez addresses the issues that come with living life as a Black man in the concrete jungle’s South Side with poignant poetics laced over a self produced Boom Bap instrumental featured on his single, “Problematic.”

“I come from generations full of untapped passion, and this the type of shit they don’t want Black males to address”

Take a listen and find this song on Calez’ upcoming mixtape, BABY.

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