Adam Reverie “The Emancipation” (Audio)


Adam Reverie’s passion has been exposed on wax countless times and on a wide variety of topics, from the future of Hip-Hop, to the Black community, and his own life experiences as a whole. Almost half a year removed from the drop of his forthcoming Soul Ties single, “Remain,” Rev takes to the podium once again with the emotionally charged, “The Emancipation.”

After shedding a few tears in the opening to Rokk Mass Ent’s somber production, Reverie quickly pulls himself together, both in the booth and in his own life, freeing himself from the shackles of lust for women he never truly cared about enough. However, his story doesn’t end there, as Rev replays poignant life moments that led to the loss of friends and family during the pursuit of his career and his own personal hardships. But through God and growth, Reverie is on track, this time without the chains of adversity to hold him back.

Take a listen and watch out for Soul Ties, later this August.

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