FIGHT ME “Annie” (Audio)

fight me

Just a few days ago, Supa Bwe released the tragically heartfelt single, “Jubilee,” which, amongst many things, served as both memoriam and liberation from a recent fallout with his band Hurt Everybody. But as they say, when one door closes, another opens.

Since, Bwe is penning a new chapter in his career as he joins forces fellow Chicago area artists UG Vavy and Shepard Hues, transforming into the super group FIGHT ME, and today, the trio drop their debut single “Annie.” Set to a bombinate, sub thumping Electronic production from UG Vavy, the crew croon with melodic majesty and take solid punches at Michael Jackson’s “Annie are you okay?” line to wavy Windy City heights. This the jam.

Take a listen.

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