With his forthcoming album Analogues locked and loaded, Washington D.C. artist Airøspace gives listeners one more taste of what’s to come with the brand new single, “Do You.”

Airøspace’s aesthetics in music are retro in base, plucking various hues from Hip-Hop and R&B’s classic color palettes that took over the genre in the 90’s, lighting the fuse behind it and skyrocketing it into the present day with an amalgam of ambient Electronics and Futuristic Boom Bap.

The self proclaimed Big Bang Theory of Hip-Hop’s latest is a function of these characteristics, synthesizing a hearty, seemingly familiar R&B soundscape with lightning strikes of atmospheric Electro waves from producer Diversa that paves the way for Airø’s unfortunate story of a doomed love that could never handle the weight of real life expectations.

Take a listen and be sure to cop Analogues when it falls to the Earth tomorrow, July 1.

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