Chris Crack “Anita J. Blige” (Video)

Leave it up to Chris Crack to take something that sounds so sweet and burn that mother to the ground.

For the New Deal Crew MC’s latest single, “Anita J. Blige,” Chris Crack hops in front of a projector streaming iconic clips from Mary J. Blige, the ‘Dinosaurs’ TV show, Monica Lewinsky, and other 90’s classics while tearing up a soft, pillowy instrumental with effortless lyricism and all of the boastin’ and braggin’ about that a single man can possibly lay down on wax.

With all of this output over the years, not to mention the most recent success of his collaborative project with Vic Spencer, Who The Fuck Is Chris Spencer??, will Crack ever stop cooking with such relentlessness and tenacity?

No, he most definitely will not.

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