Breaking All The Rules: Amare Symoné Talks Music, Activism & Opens Her Book On Women’s Empowerment With “Break of Mind” (Interview)

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Few artists come along that truly captivate and capture you into their world with the force that Amare Symoné has with her latest single, “Break of Mind.”

With imaginative, fantastical production from NversivE that waxes and wanes with bubbling, atmospheric energy, the Chicago resident breaks through the dreamlike soundscape and soars vocally with the humble force of silk sheets falling to the floor that, simultaneously, are as warm as the embrace of the bodies from which the sheets were so passionately flung.

“Break of Mind” is dedicated to the women of the world who have fallen to the heated spell of love only to be burned by it, but have since grown and decided to give it another chance. At just 18 years old, it’s hard to imagine that anyone can be so polished while maintaining a unique purity all her own. With additional work alongside fellow Windy City artists Kevon, Children of I.L.L.I.O.S. and Space Snow, it’s apparent that only the sky is the limit for Symoné, as she works her way into the national limelight.

In addition to the release of her latest single, LGU had the chance to sit down with Amare Symoné to talk music, her inspirations, activism, and her definition of success in the music industry.

LGU: For those who don’t know you yet, who is Amare Symone?

Amare Symoné: Amare Symoné is a Brooklyn girl with California roots. She is a woman who takes risks and breaks all rules, to construct new ones.

LGU: If I may, what rules are you breaking and what risks are you taking?

Or better yet, what rules do you feel need to be broken to make way for new ones?

Amare Symoné: The rules that I am breaking with my music can be heard as the certain drum patterns and smooth sound that I create with my voice. As well as the poetic lyrics that I bring to my songs. Rules that need to be broken, are the new ideas within society that lyrics no longer matter, because songs are poems.

LGU: What drives you to pen your poetry? What inspires you to create and expand into new directions?

Amare Symoné: Both my parents are full-time poets and activists. So, I grew up listening and reading a lot of their poems as well as other poets. Other artists, as well as the world we live in, inspires me to continue to create and expand into other directions in terms of music and life. I feel we all can learn so much from the lessons, observations, and experiences that we call our own, as well as from others. This is why I write poetic songs, because you are also telling stories to an audience and it just might be relatable to someone else in the world. As artists, we create our art for ourselves yet sometimes forget, it can save somebody’s life one day.

LGU: What music were your parents playing growing up and how did your time in California and New York expand your sonic palette?

And if these locations did play a major role in your music taste, do you draw from these experiences there?

Amare Symoné: My dad also DJ’d, so growing up I would hear Funk, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop, and more. I listened to artists such as Etta James, The Jackson 5, Biggie, Tupac, Lil’ Kim, Earth, Wind & Fire, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé and Nina Simone, which is where I got my middle name, as well as [my] artist name. Living in NYC, I immediately loved the rich music history and the Hip-Hop genre. California made me love Funk, West Coast Rap, and R&B.

LGU: After living across both coasts, what ultimately brought you to Chicago, and how has the Windy City assisted in furthering your music career?

Amare Symoné: I moved to Chicago for school. I’m a city kid, so I wanted to find another big city where I could be challenged in my art as well as be supported with it’s own history. The Windy City encouraged me out of my insecurity of never being good enough musically, as well as the open mindedness and support I have already received.

LGU: It’s interesting to hear music (from you) that is so powerful, only to learn that you have insecurities of your own to deal with. Alas, we are all human and that humanity shines through your songs. It’s clear with the names of artists that you listed that you are someone who listens to a lot of powerful women in the industry. Do you compare yourself to these people when you hop in the booth, and if so, how has that attachment to strength helped heal your insecurities?

Amare Symoné: Not at all. I am definitely inspired by their greatness. I hope to only inspire others like they have. What helped me get over my insecurities was moving to another city where my parents’ legacy didn’t speak for me as loud. I was able to find my own voice and words without them being put in my mouth soon as I walked into a room. Chicago made me uncomfortable because it wasn’t my city and it gave me the hunger that I never had while living in New York City.

LGU: That hunger to find your voice and to inspire others is palpable, and your latest release, “Break of Mind,” demonstrates that dedication, as it speaks to your fellow woman and empowers them to re-enlist in love. What was your process like in creating this record and what inspired it?

Amare Symoné: My process was simple, because writing was like my first language. It was simple to write to this track. My producer NversivE supplied me with the fun, bouncy beat and I caught a certain vibe from it, thus, influencing the words that I wrote to my song, “Break of Mind.”

LGU: The production is tribal, wavy, and atmospheric all at the same time. How is it working with NversivE and if you could, describe your relationship on a musical level, and if you’d like to delve, touch on your personal relationship as well?

Amare Symoné: Thank you, he is amazing at what he does. Working with NverisivE is amazing because he is ambitious and consistent. He never lacks and always does what he says he will. That is hard to come by, especially in the music industry. Not every is determined as much as they say they are. NversivE is a good friend and very inspirational in terms of ethic.

LGU: It’s great to hear that you two have a solid relationship. I definitely look forward to hearing more from you and him together, and separately, in the future. Is “Break of Mind” set to be featured on a forthcoming album, or is this a loosie of sorts?

Amare Symoné: Word, I am excited too, He and I have a long musical journey. “Break of Mind” will be a part of my Glass Windows EP.

LGU: Awesome. When can listeners expect it to be released?

Amare Symoné: There isn’t a set release date yet. But, stay tuned.

LGU: Stay tuned we will. With that being said, my last question for you is, what is Amare Symoné’s legacy, when all is said and done? What do you want to be remembered for the most?

Amare Symoné: I would say my legacy is this music that I create, because I create it with every breath of me. I strive to be the best me musically, not only for myself but for those who actually believe in my art and what I do. I want to be remembered for my words and messages within my art.

LGU: Thank you Amare, and thank you for your insightful interview.

Amare Symoné: Thank you Jacob and Thank you Land Ground Under for supporting my music. My listeners can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook and Bandcamp under @AmareSymone. Thanks again.

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