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The warm weather is rolling in quickly on the West Coast as winter heats up, and for the music world, that means it’s slow jam central on dance floors nationwide to ease you through those long, hot summer nights. For Los Angeles MC Bad Newsz Greatest, the sultry and soulful musings of producer Sango are the latest waves to ride into SoCal clubs in the form of his latest single, “& B.Y.F. (& Bring Ya Friends).”

With sonic vibrations seemingly extracted from classic 90’s R&B, Bad Newsz explains to the opposite sex exactly what makes him the realest with a relaxed flow and the type of confident self awareness only a true G in the game would aspire to, all over a Sango sanctioned beat to boot.

In addition to the track, Bad Newsz Greatest recently spoke with Land Ground Under to talk about his influences, his time as a youth growing up in Los Angeles, music, and the track itself.

LGU: For those who don’t know you, tell the people a little bit about yourself. Who is Bad Newsz Greatest?

Bad Newsz Greatest: I’m the CEO of Only A Few Of Us Left music & the CEO of ‘The Only’ Clothing company. I’m from L.A & I’ve been creating and releasing music since 2008.

LGU: Being that you are from L.A., what was a typical day like for you growing up in Southern California and what about your childhood has influenced your career path today?

Bad Newsz Greatest: I’m not going to give the standard rapper, “I grew up in the hood sleeping next to choppas,” answer, even tho I did sometimes. SoCal is a phenomenal place to grow up in if you solid and know how to move through the cites. Each city has it’s own identity and personality. As kid I moved around a lot, so I got to experience pretty much every city and you can hear it in my music. I’ll always say something you can relate to.

LGU: What music were you listening to as you were moving around? Are there any artists from the city during your time as a youth that you looked up to?

Bad Newsz Greatest: To many to name, but my uncle would play me Ras Kass and one of my favorite artist growing up was DJ Quik. I use to listen to Balance & Options every day. Got to meet Quik a while back, he walked in on one of my sessions at the studio. He a coo’ dude.

LGU: When did listening to guys like Quik start your own, personal conversation about joining them in the game and making your own path in it? Was there a specific moment you can remember?

Bad Newsz Greatest: I never had “the moment” because I always knew I was gon’ rap, create, and do something great. When I was about five I would just be on the block watching my uncle flame everybody in a cypher. I guess you can say I knew then at 5.

LGU: So with influences from your uncle, Kass, and Quik, how would you describe your sound and vision for those who haven’t heard it before?

Bad Newsz Greatest: I can’t describe my sound really. All I can say is press play. But if I had to I would say I sound like God want me to do music.

LGU: After pressing play on your latest single, “& B.Y.F.,” I think what stand outs most is your laid back flow. For the sake of comparison, it’s reminiscent of fellow LA MC Dom Kennedy. If anything, who or what has influenced your music the most? And what influenced your writing on “& B.Y.F.?”

Bad Newsz Greatest: Influences these days I can honestly say I have none. The last album I ever heard was The Game LAX, dope album. Around that time I stopped listening to music, really closed the world off started to create my own. My iPod and laptop is all work meaning unreleased music, beats, samples etc.

It took me about 45 minutes to come up with the lyrics and hook for “&.B.Y.F.” As soon as the beat came on I already knew that something special was about to happen. And when I recorded it & listened back to I knew it would change my life forever. I never had that feeling about one record before. It was like God tapping me on my shoulder saying “ight ya turn nigga.” Yea God say’s nigga (laughs).

LGU: Can you tell me a little bit about how you got the beat from Sango and how you two were able to link up?

Bad Newsz Greatest: I’m a beat junkie! every day I go through hundreds of beats, about a thousand a week, always diggin and searching for production for my album I Live Forever. That beat just jumped out at me, and I caught it.

LGU: Did Sango work with you or is this just something you are remixing for a tape?

Bad Newsz Greatest: No, but this is my record for my album I Live Forever.

LGU: Is this album going to be for sale?

Bad Newsz Greatest: Yea it will, iTunes, Google Play, and for stream as well Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music etc..

LGU: Who else is producing the project?

Bad Newsz Greatest: I can’t release all the names of the producers as of yet due to sample clearances and what not. I want it to be a surprise.

LGU: I see. I may be missing something, but you said Sango didn’t work with you? Or does he know you are using the beat?

Bad Newsz Greatest: Yea he knows.

LGU: Word. How did you guys link up?

Bad Newsz Greatest: One day was just diggin’ through beats, found that one, contacted his camp and the rest is history.

LGU: It all works great together, and I’m stoked to hear who else you have lined up for the project. What inspired the artwork for “& B.Y.F.?”

Bad Newsz Greatest: I felt like that artwork just had the same vibe of the song and the halo is the logo for Only A Few Of Us Left Music & The Only Clothing line. I’m gonna turn that artwork into the music video.

LGU: Who drew it up?

Bad Newsz Greatest: God and @WillieGotWings had a hand in it.

LGU: Tight man. When can we expect this track and I Live Forever to drop?

Bad Newsz Greatest: “&.B.Y.F” is out today! and I Live Forever is coming out in 2016, soon. One more thing though. I got big news last week that I Live Forever and The Only Clothing will be available at the world famous Amoeba Music in Hollywood when i comes out!

LGU: Dope stuff. That’s a great plug for you and the team.

Bad Newsz Greatest: Thanks man God is good.

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