KeVon “Ambition Anthem” (Audio)


If Hip-Hop could be expressed in ecological terms, one could compare high concentrations of talented MC’s to that of a biome in nature, with a host of artistic diversity in sound, range, and ability. If the city of Chicago could be considered one biome of skilled artists in the world of music, then MC’s could be described as this region’s keystone species, where the upper echelon, a la Common and Kanye West, plays a critical role in maintaining the overall structure of the Hip-Hop community at large.

Although his voice has not reached the greater Hip-Hop world like Chicago’s most popular predecessors have achieved, Windy City rapper KeVon still has a voice that is big enough to be heard and the vocabulary to bring it to life. As an up and coming artist, it is difficult to separate oneself from the leaders in the pack, but spirit and passion are two major attributes that can assist in achieving such lofty aspirations.

“Ambition Anthem” is KeVon’s most recent release that tackles his deeply personal struggles to make it in the game with hope, faith, and an enthusiastic, motivational call to action. Over an ambient, aromatic instrumental from Mr. 99, KeVon turns stagnation into production, evoking listeners to jump off of the couch and follow your dreams.

Take a listen and be sure to visit KeVon’s most recent collaborative EP with Mr. 99, Genius.

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