Goody “Be [To Anyone]” (Video)

The chemistry between Black Americans, especially the youth, with our nation’s judicial and policing system has been explosive as of late as instances of racially charged, social injustices have been exposed to the public in the news, online, and in music.

Hip-Hop, as a genre, has been the biggest proponent for those who have fallen victim to such atrocities, as artists like Killer Mike and Talib Kweli have used their platform to advocate their side of the story to a much wider audience. Outside of the more mainstream artists, there are a plethora of up and comers who have touched on the subject as well, and for many, they are also the ones who are standing in the front of enemy lines to protect and inform others.

Out of many, Chicago is one city that has circulated throughout these conversations as it has become known for a seemingly perpetual state of violence that has taken over the streets. Nicknamed “Chiraq” for the same reasons, the Windy City’s music scene plucks inspiration from these grim tales. This shift has even given rise to an entire sub genre of it’s own, Drill music, that depicts the often disturbingly realistic stories of drive-bys, police raids, shoot outs, and countless deaths of friends and family.

While this young artist isn’t going to make the same type music as his Drill sergeant counterparts Chief Keef or G Herbo (f/k/a/ Lil Herb), 21 year old Chicago MC Goody is telling a similar story. For his latest release, “Be (To Anyone),” Goody gives listeners a personal view of the city that raised him, one that also doubles as an anthem for those who need a bit of inspiration to trudge on through the dangerous and seemingly impossible obstacles life throws one’s way. With imagery of police brutality and the recently famous cases made by Michael Brown and others, Goody attempts to stay away from a similarly cold fate by pushing forward in life, performing both on stage and in the booth over a soulfully charged instrumental from 1stFrom92 as his protest.

Take a listen and find this cut on Goody’s debut album, 21 (To Anyone), due out February 26.

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