Kendrick Lamar “U/For Sale (God Is Gangsta)” (Video)

Kendrick Lamar’s art holds no bounds. For the latest release from his 11-time Grammy nominated album, To Pimp A Butterfly, K. Dot blows down the walls yet again for the captivatingly cinematic, dual track video, “God Is Gangsta.”

A combination of singles “u” and “For Sale,” Kendrick Lamar swings on the vines of his talents and delivers a concretely stellar performance, one that could lead some to wonder if the Compton MC may someday crossover onto the limbs of the Oscars. The film itself opens up with a clearly inebriated Lamar sitting in a cherry red room writhing in unhinged agony over the complicated love of another expressed animatedly through his unwound lyricism.

As “u” winds down and the soulful, jazz tinged notes slide into “For Sale,” the screen re-imagines the crimson, yet similarly dark aesthetic and casts nearly subliminal messages that run across the screen throughout. Included in theses messages is the potential announcement of an Instagram account dubbed Dussy Unlimited and is followed by lines like “If I blame you for a loss. I’ll be giving you all the credit,” “Good dussy can make you melt,” “Always trust a ni**a with cornrolls,” and “Time is change. Your friend or foe.” With seductive maidens caressing King Kendrick, the music is the reflective alternative to the angst of “u” and warms the space in which it rests. Betwixt the red hot imagery, Kendrick is seen submerged in water, as if being cleansed in a contrasting blue shade before walking away in the baptism of the video’s final message, “God Is Gangsta.”

Take a look.

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