Artist Noir “Moon” (Video)

What is life after death? Whether it be a scientific, religious, or philosophical understanding, death is a subject that has influenced stories, film, music, and art for centuries. For former Detroit based MC Artist Noir, life and death are just two juxtaposing elements that are blended into the melting pot of his latest video, “Moon.”

Loosely based on real life events, the visuals dubbed by Noir’s first directorial debut as a “music film” take viewers through three acts of an opiate fueled journey behind the grungy back streets of Los Angeles and into the crossed paths of one crazed, gun-wielding, lipstick smeared individual and two drug induced lovers played by Noir himself and a dirty blonde damsel.

Potentially envisioned through a similarly narcotic drenched state seen utilized throughout the film itself, Artist Noir builds a dark, yet dreamlike world for his characters to breathe, but the air is getting thin. While one character seeks chaos, the other two search for peace. Despite the belief that they are apart of a larger plan,

“My creator created my circumstance, I am just here for the dance.”

the twisted worlds in which they live have been entirely self manifested, leaving each one with the choice to continue onward with the life they have chosen or escape into the sunset.

Find this cut on the L.A. based Noir’s forthcoming release, Kind of Black, via The Noir Label.

Take a look and download the track on iTunes today in celebration of Mr. Noir’s born day.

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