King Lil G Talks Hip-Hop, Life In L.A. & His Future In Latino Culture (Interview)

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Land Ground Under recently had the pleasure of speaking with the fast rising, incredibly humble Los Angeles area artist King Lil G to speak with him about his recently released mixtape, AK47 Boyz, life in L.A., and his plans for 2014 and beyond.

LGU: King Lil G, I just wanted to say thank you for talking with me, looking forward to learning a little more about yourself. I just wanted to start off by saying I recently watched an interview with you and Pocos Pero Locos and you were talking about your Dr. Dre song that really kinda jump started things and you started to write more about what you’re really feeling. How do you think that mindset has affected your career today?

King Lil G
: You know, I think that’s gotten the attention of the people that I wanted to get the attention from. And it’s been able to help me speak my mind and make my fan base grow. I’m doing a lot of positive things so I think it really helped me do what I need to do at this point, which is have the numbers grow.

LGU: And numbers, you got all the numbers you need it seems like. You got hundreds of thousands of views on your Youtube account, you just came out with the new track “Hopeless Boy” and a video for that. So I just wanna know, for someone who hasn’t heard AK47 Boyz, how would you describe it to someone?

King Lil G: I’d describe it as, it’s music that sends out a good message to the youth and there’s also music for my stoners, people who like to smoke weed, and people who like to vibe out with women. So I would just say that it’s a good vibe type of music, you know?

LGU: And you talk about the youth part of it, and I just touched on the “Hopeless Boy” video which is really dope. You talk about your childhood and your youth in it and so I wanted to know, what was a typical day like growing up for you in L.A. as a ten year old kid?

King Lil G
: I would say it was pretty boring. We never got to go anywhere (laughs). No trips to the zoo, no days at the park with my parents. None of that. It was just staying at the crib being bored out of my mind man and I think that’s what made me start writing music.

LGU: So just bored one day, decided to pick up the pen and start spitting, that’s great. In another interview I saw, you said that you didn’t want to do collabs because you felt like you wanted to prove that you could do it yourself, which clearly you can, but I would also say that has definitely changed with AK47 Boyz. You got Reverie on there, Drumma Boy, Baby Gunz, all that on your new project. So how do you think your mind has transitioned from that point?

King Lil G: You know, now at this point I feel like it’s time to just work with other artists that way their fan base can see, more or less, what it is that I’m about and that way I can display my skill on a bigger scale, you know?. So right now, I’m open minded to doing stuff like that. I also want to work with bigger artists at the moment. I know I keep mentioning Dizzy Wright and I want to get produced by Harry Fraud. That’s been my dream for a while now. Hopefully that can come about pretty soon.

LGU: Have you reached out to any of those people?

King 1(2)

King Lil G: I haven’t reached out to them yet but I’m going to be working on that within the next month.

LGU: That’s great. And just talking about your collaborations again. On your track, “El Estilo de Mafia,” you said that you dream about Snow Tha Product and I was wondering if you still dream about Snow Tha Product and if have you reached out to do something with her?

King Lil G
: Ya, ya, ya. We’ve actually been in the middle of working on a few songs but the timing has been off. But ya, I still dream about Snow Tha Product.

LGU: Speaking of dreams, where is your dream place to perform and if so have you already played it?

King Lil G: I would love to do something in the Bronx because that’s where Hip-Hop comes from and I think that I need to experience that one time.

LGU: Have you been out to the East Coast before?

King Lil G: Yes. I have been to several places out there.

LGU: Right on man. So you’re doing your music thing, you’re well on your way with that. But outside of music, do you see yourself branching off? Or do you have any other passions that you could see yourself pursuing?

King Lil G
: Ya I’m hoping I can do something with boxing. I mean, not boxing me, myself, but I’m just hoping maybe I can start up my own, I’m not sure what you call that but I’d like to do something with boxing in the future.

LGU: To talk more about that. I know that Tupac is probably one of your biggest inspirations. But who or what inspires you outside of music?

King Lil G: I would say, you know, I’m just inspired by a lot of people who help a lot of people out. Kinda like Manny Pacquiao. You know how he helps his country out? See I’ma make an example. You know how Dr. Dre just became a millionaire, or a billionaire or whatever. I didn’t tweet this because I didn’t want people to think the wrong stuff but I was gunna put “Man finally Compton has a billionaire, maybe he can create jobs for african americans and latinos in that city because we really need it. Not me myself, but the city needs it. And if he were to do something like that, that would be amazing. I’m just inspired by people who wanna help others out.

LGU: That would be amazing if something like that were to happen and even cooler if someone like you could be apart of that too. So you have a huge following, a lot of views on Youtube. I’ve seen you on HipHopDX with the cypher with Noa James. I’ve seen you on Worldstar a little bit. You get a lot of love from your fan base, but I feel like a lot of the majors in Hip-Hop are kind of ignoring the stuff you are putting out there. Do you feel the same way?

King Lil G
: I think that usually you get streamed by what you’re focused on. Like if I were to be focused getting on all of these mainstream sites, I think I would be able to do it. But more or less man, I’m just trying to do stuff that’s pure. I just want to make the music, deliver it directly to the consumer, to the fans. You know what I’m saying? Rather than me paying for features or paying to be on websites or whatever. I’m cool where I’m at. As long as I keep growing this fan base that’s all I’m really trying to do right now, so I’m good.

LGU: And that totally stays true to your mantra. You’re such a humble dude, so I totally get it. That being said, you’re where you’re at right now. But let’s just say that you weren’t King Lil G right now. Let’s say you were someone else. Let’s say you’re a major label exec and you came up to King Lil G and you talked to him about his career. What would you say to him and how would you critique yourself thus far?

King 4

King Lil G
: Damn. You know what, I would definitely recommend for me (laughs), to do more stuff with, I don’t want to say on the mainstream level, but I know for a fact that I do need to connect those dots. Where I do features in with people who are already embraced by Hip-Hop. I know that I wanted to prove a point to people or to Hip-Hop in general that I could develop those numbers. But I would definitely tell myself that I do need to connect those dots and I do need to be apart of those Rock the Bells. I do need to be apart of all of that. I’ve had opportunities and you know what, I regret turning them down because of my pride or me just wanting to be a strong name on my own. I think now is definitely the time to connect those dots and make shit big how I know I can.

: That being said, you know where you’re at and you know where you want to be. So what’s in store for you in 2014? Where you goin’ man?

King Lil G: I’m trying to go to the Catalina Islands with Snow Tha Product.

LGU: (laughs) Alright, what about musically, where you goin’?

King Lil G: But musically man, I’m just trying to make wonderful music and like i said I am going to connect those dots. So I’m trying to be at like the Latin Grammys, something like that man. Something that really makes a statement to people that there are great Latino musicians or great rap artists that are in the Latino scene.

LGU: So let’s just say to wrap this up. King Lil G wakes up tomorrow morning. How is he feeling?

King Lil G: I’m just a very hungry artist man. I feel like I just need to work harder and harder and every day I’m just thinking of ways to make a bigger impact whether it’s in society or music wise. I would say that’s where I’m at.

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